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About Us

Pulse Energy is a New Zealand community owned energy retailer providing electricity and gas, servicing over 70,000 customers throughout the country. Being independent enables us to purchase the best priced generation on the market and pass the benefits onto our customers.

Servicing the whole of New Zealand, we are excited to be the Official Principal Sponsor of the Pulse Energy Highlanders and proud to support the local community.

Pulse Energy promises refreshing, straight forward, peace of mind electricity supply to all our customers. If you’re looking for an electricity retailer doing all it can to bring the lowest possible prices for power to consumers’ homes and businesses – keep reading and sign up.

At Pulse we believe in transparency and that includes being honest and open about our pricing and offering product choices tailored to meet all customers’ requirements. For example, at Pulse we don’t increase our prices so that we can give a prompt payment discount. We prefer to offer the best price we can from the start.

Following a takeover by majority shareholder Buller Electricity and Pioneer Energy, in 2016 Pulse Energy was delisted from the NZX. Pulse Energy is now community owned with origins in Alexandra, Westport and Levin,

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