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Exclusive Customer Offer:

25% off Tickets to Highlanders 2020 Home Games*

If you are a Pulse Energy Customer, you can receive 25% off tickets to 2020 Highlanders Super Rugby games in Dunedin.


  • Discount applies to adult and child tickets purchased online via the Ticketek website in the Speights Gold stand. Limit of 10 tickets per game.
  • Offer is not applicable if game is sold out.
  • Excludes any quarters, semis or finals.
  • No Additional Fee charged for mobile or ezyTickets (Print at home).  

How to redeem your 25% off

1. Visit https://premier.ticketek.co.nz/ and search for the game you wish to attend

2. In the 'Password' box (Under Tickets & Event Info on the right hand side), enter your Pulse Energy Account number (10 digit number beginning with a 1 or 9)

3. Press 'Get Tickets'

4. In the 'Browse by Price Category' section, select either 'Speights Stand Gold' or Best available'

5. Select the quantity of tickets you wish to purchase. Make sure you select the ticket type that has 25% Off Offer - Pulse Energy. (You may select up to 10 tickets in total using this code)

6. Select how you would like to receive your tickets and continue to the next page.

7. Accept or edit your seat selection.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'Go to Payment'

9. You will be asked to sign in or create an account.

10. Enter your details and select 'Submit Payment'

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*For terms and conditions of the 25% offer click here.


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