Need Electricity for your flat?

Sign the electricity and/or gas in your flat up with us and get:

  • Low Electricity Rates
  • No Long-Term Contracts2
  • Free Highlanders Zoo tickets for all the flatties (Limit 6)
No gimmicks, no long term contracts!2

Just low electricity rates and FREE tickets for you and the flatties to the Zoo section of a Pulse Energy Highlanders game*!

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To make sure you get the lowest price, we don’t publish our rates online! Leave your details below and one of our friendly team will be in contact soon with more information.

*Terms & Conditions

Benefits of joining Pulse

Low Cost Electricity with our Pulse Price Promise

We can beat the rates you are on with your current retailer, assuming you always pay on time.1

No long term contracts

If you need to leave, all you have to do is give us 30 days notice.2

Price Protection on your Energy Rate for 2 years

We offer our customers Price Protection, which means your Energy Rate will not increase for 2 years from the date you switch to us.3

Natural Gas and LPG

By combining your electricity and gas account you will receive our All Energy Discount.

1 Price Promise applies to the combination of fixed and variable electricity rates and delivery charges you are on with your current retailer at the time of our offer. Residential customers only and excludes spot priced plans.
2 No early termination fee applies with 30 days’ notice. The normal fee is $150.
3 Delivery and Retailer charges are not subject to Price Protection. Delivery charges include Network Services, Retailer Services, Metering and the Electricity Authority Levy.