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Pulse is a New Zealand community owned electricity and gas retailer with over 70,000 customers throughout the country.

We offer our customers a low price up front, Price Protection on their energy rate and no long term contracts - giving our customers the freedom to switch away free of charge by simply providing 30 days notice. 

Our friendly New Zealand based Customer Care team can take care of the switch for you or you can sign up online in less than 5 minutes.


Low Price Upfront

Our Freedom Plan has a competitive price. We do not have a prompt payment discount as we have already built this into our pricing. On our Freedom Plan, we simply offer you a great price upfront.


Price Protection

Our Freedom Plan has Price Protection on the Energy Rate for 3 years from the date you switch to us. Delivery and Retailer charges are not subject to Price Protection.


No Long Term Contracts

We make a commitment to protect the Energy Rate for 3 years from the date you switch to us. If for some reason you need to leave us, you can freely terminate with no charge by providing us with 30 days notice.


No Mark-Up on
Network Services

We will flow through the Network Services charges for the entire time you are a customer with us. Your Network Services charges appear on your bill so you can see exactly what you are paying for. Does not apply to GXP networks.


Natural Gas and LPG

We have Natural Gas and LPG available for our customers. Customers who have both electricity and gas with us receive our All Energy Discount.


My Account

My Account allows our customers to keep track of their power bills and make payments online. We encourage our customers to choose this environmentally friendly option.


Transparent Billing

We provide transparent billing on our electricity bills by itemising the charges so our customers know exactly what they are paying for. On our electricity bill, our customers can see charges for Energy (Energy Rate) and Delivery, which includes Network Services, Retailer Services, Discounts and the Electricity Authority Levy.


Easy to Switch

Our friendly team will take care of the switching process making sure there is no hassle for you. We do not need to turn off your electricity as part of the switching process.


The Power of Testimonials

  • Cheap cost of power.

    Anthony Paul
    1 day ago
  • Great service, very realistic and reliable pricing.

    Quinton Moore
    1 day ago
  • Great price great service.

    Scott Ashworth
    About 3 days ago
  • My power bills are now a quarter of what they were with previous power company. Already recommended pulse to my work colleagues and friends.

    Aimee Kettings
    1 day ago

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