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Where's my electricity from and how does it get to my home?

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You flick a switch and your living room light turns on. Simple, right? Read more

5 essential tips for planning your home’s security illumination

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Afraid of the dark? Want to stop pesky neighbours pinching feijoas off the tree? Thinking about adding another layer of security to your property? Read more

What's actually happening during a power cut?

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There’s no other way to put it: power cuts stink. One snip of the electrical umbilical cord and just about every part of modern life grinds to a halt as... Read more

The do’s and dont’s of being a good flattie

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Ah, flatmates. They never do their dishes, they drink your expensive organic OJ and their freeloading, six-nights-a-week slumber buddy is impressively oblivious of your increasingly less subtle hints that maybe... Read more

New Year, new you - new power company?

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We’re about a month into 2018 and if you’re anything like us you’ve probably already fallen off the bandwagon once or thrice in regards to your New Year’s resolution. Read more

Ho-ho-how to Keep Your Power Bill Low This Christmas

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Christmas is upon us! For some, the silly season means spending time with friends and family and taking the time to reflect back on the year that was. Read more

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