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7 Kmart hacks to keep your home cosy this winter

It’s no secret that an efficient heater and a good dehumidifier are essential for keeping your home warm and dry over the chilly months. 

But what about the cosy non-essentials? The little optional extras that can transform your home into a soft sanctuary of snugness? 

You go to Kmart, of course. 

Yes, everyone’s favourite budget retail store has a veritable smorgasbord of products to help you overcome the winter blues without breaking the bank. We scoured the shelves for cheap and cheerful goodies to keep your home cosy this winter - here are our top picks. 

1. A toasty heated throw

A cross between an electric blanket and a throw rug, this heated throw is sure to keep you warm and comfy on those long winter nights. It features variable heat settings, a detachable controller and overheat protection, and comes in a couple of different tones of grey to suit most homes’ colour schemes.

Get it here for just $45.

2. These adorable wheat bag plushies

Featuring removable microwaveable heat bags, these animal-shaped plushies are the perfect way to keep the kids warm and cosy this winter. 

Choose from a range of furry favourites, including bunnies, puppies, unicorns and more, with prices starting at around $10. 

3. This super affordable slow cooker

With a ceramic pot, tempered glass lid and iron housing, this $30 slow cooker is an excellent option for anyone who’s interested in whipping up hearty winter meals with minimal effort. Its three litre capacity is the perfect size for cooking for two or three people - bigger families might need to look at larger options. 

Best of all, slow cookers are wonderfully energy efficient and only use about half the electricity of a regular oven! Check out this blog post for more information on how to reduce electricity costs in the kitchen. 

4. A cute USB aroma diffuser

Create a calming atmosphere and fill your home with soothing scents with this $17 USB aroma diffuser. Featuring a gentle LED light, timer and 12 month warranty, this diffuser can transform any living space into a peaceful and aromatic nest. Fragrances are sold separately and start at just $3.23!

5. This cosy rug

Hardwood floors got your feet feeling chilly? Looking for an elegant and affordable way to protect the carpet? 

Kmart offers a variety of rugs to keep your home cosy and stylish this winter. Featuring muted colours and a classic design, our pick of the bunch is this $75 sheared wool blend printed rug, which measures 1.8m x 1.33m. Check in-store or online for other sizes and styles.

6. These fleece onesies

Kmart offers a wide range of onesies to keep the kids warm on those chilly winter nights. Our favourite is this $21 all-in-one jumpsuit, which boasts cosy fleece fabric, a hooded neck and kangaroo pockets for keeping the hands warm and/or storing late night snacks. 

7. This no-nonsense draught stopper 

A $6 draught stopper might not be the most exciting item on this list, but it’s nevertheless an excellent pickup if you want to keep your home warmer this winter. Draught stoppers prevent cold air from getting in under your doors and retain warmth, which helps your heating systems operate more efficiently and can save you money on your power bill. 

Check out this blog post for more life hacks for saving on your winter power bill

Save more on your power bill this winter

Looking for even more ways to keep your home warm this winter without spending an arm and a leg on electricity? Give us a call today on 0800 785 733 and find out how you save on power by joining Pulse Energy, New Zealand’s leading provider of low-cost electricity.

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